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Welcome to the Rising Step HQ!

We are an independent ambitious Dutch game studio founded in 2010. The past years we have focussed mainly on creating fun-to-play minigames and a various range of apps on mobile devices and tablets but the future plans shift to high-end games for pc and steambox.

We are ambitious, not afraid to challenge the status-quo of a project and ready to kick some serious ass!

We are the Rising Step.



14-10-2014 - Indie Game Apex

Indie Game Apex is a new platform created by Rising Step to help indie game studios to get their games noticed in these competitive times.

Indie Game Apex Banner

Visit: Indie Game Apex

17-03-2014 - Dual Survivor also on Samsung AppStore

100% Indie contacted us that they wanted the game as well. The revenue percentage is higher for the developer so we decided that our proceeds will stay the same. Which results in a cheaper game for the player! Go grab this amazing game for only 2 bucks!


Samsung Apps

06-03-2014 - Dual Survivor now on iPad

Anybody with an iPad can now join the revolution. Rumors have it that the endboss is mortal again... DOWNLOAD NOW!

03-03-2014 - Dual Survivor announced for Gamestick!

Today we've been approached by Gamestick and they would love to have Dual Survivor on their console. We instantly decided to accept this request!


20-02-2014 - Dual Survivor hits the AppStore & Google Play

The wait is over! Dual Survivor is finally a fact and is waiting for you to download it from your favorite mobile app store. Download now! Android and iOS

Dual Survivor

16-12-2013 - Eloquent Greetings

Together with Tamarin Games we choose to be the pioneers in the 3D environment Holiday Greetings. We made a greeting especially for you. Enjoy the experience! Click here for your Eloquent Greetings

Eloquent Greetings

18-11-2013 - Dual Survivor almost ready for launch

Dual Survivor is almost ready to see the light of day, you can watch the teaser online at the Dual Survivor project page..

Dual Survivor

27-06-2013 - Scoren voor Energie Penalty Shoot-out

We are currently woking on an exciting new penalty shoot-out game for the charity "Scoren voor Energie" together with Grinwise and Digital Force.

Scoren voor Energie

06-05-2013 - Museum night

The iOS and Android apps are crucial companions for those attending the museum night, giving important information on the museums and the activities they have arranged.

Museum night App.

25-03-2013 - New website online

The new website was launched today. With this new and improved style we shift the company more towards our gamedevelopment ambition.

New website Rising Step

19-03-2013 - App for the Dutch State Attorney (OM)

The Openbaar Ministerie (OM) has detected that the general consensus among the media, and consequently the public, is that legal sentences are generally too light.

Rising Step

10-03-2013 - Serax application

Serax stands for innovative and affordable design. The business’ single-minded view of current trends clearly meets the needs of florists and interior stores.

view serax view project

23-12-2012 - Fizz!

Let the good times roll with this little new years eve game in which you pop a cork towards stacked glasses.

view Fizz! view project